Monday, 10 May 2010

My Evaluation . .

Media Evaluation Presentation 6

(Click link to see evaluation)


This is our finished opening :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

The Final Scene. . .

We have now completed all the filming to our production, and this took place in our Leading Ladies house. We ended up filming differently to our storyboard - but turned out more like it than the other 2 scenes.

We tried to experiment with different camera angles in this scene, we also included some shakey camera movements to show her emotions and how the incident with her husband had 'shook her world'. We thought that when you looked more into the connotation of this it had depth, and I personally wanted our opening to have depth as the audience can connect with it.

As you can tell from the filming our leading lady was crying, we acheived this by putting lots of black eyeliner on her and then using eye drops - we wanted it to look as realistic as we could.

I personally thought that the idea of smashing the photograph againsnt the wall was clever because it showed the frustration of her husband dying and the fact she couldn't do anything about it, I can imagine if this was in a real film the audience getting really involved with this character - like they do with the leading lady in 'P.S I love you'.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The wedding scene . .

We have now finished filming our wedding scene, but we had to make a few changes to our original plan. Instead of having the wedding with many other people, we just had the two main characters as we wanted to give it a more intimate feel. We even managed to film the scene outside the church and outside the arch, which is where we had originally planned - so we were very happy about that !!

We're now in the process of editing this scene, and we think it is going very well although we want to get a move on and film the final scene when our lead role is on her own.

:) x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Where we are . .

We have now filmed and edited the first section of our opening.

But due to different circumstances - such as lack of time and weather we had to change the location and the idea of the first accident scene. Instead of filming by offices with many other people we have had to change to film in a forest with just our leading male on his own. If we were going to produce the whole film this would mean we would have to change the story line, we decided that if we were the make the whole thing we would base it on the widow finding who had murdered her husband and what happens on the way. We decided that this would be a better story line anyway so this worked for our advantage.

We are making progress and I have started on my evaluation so all is looking well :)


Monday, 4 January 2010

Titles and Credits . .

We have started to think about the titles and credits of our film, this includes font choices, sound and maybe diologue.

As it is shown here, the font the film 'Titanic' uses is quite bold and brass, maybe linking to use of the ship. Personally I do not think this would work for our film as I would like something more feminime.

This font for 'P.S. I love you' is completely different to one from 'Titanic' and I prefer this one a lot more. It seems more feminime and would reflect the mood of the film through the font. The makers of 'P.S. I love you' have obviously used this font as it is about letter and this looks hand written linking to the theme of the film. The use of the colour red also gives the connotation of love and romance so this is something we should consider.

Contrasting to the Romantic genre I had been looking at is the font used by the 'Saw' films, the use of the dirty brown colour like that of dry blood show's what to expect in the film. Showing that the font used can reflect the genre of the film.

Our Fonts.
I have wrote the name of our film 'The Dearly Departed' in many different fonts - so have the other members of my group we will show eachother the fonts we have chosen and then compare them to see which ones we prefer.
These are the fonts I've provided:-

I will send another post showing which font we chose.

Not yet filmed . .

We are yet to have made any progress in our filming process due to bad weather conditions on the 18th December 2009, as it was icy outside we thought that it wouldn't be practical or safe to film our cast running around in this scene.

We did not film during the christmas holidays because we did not have the correct equiptment (a tripod) and we didn't want our filming to look un-professional, as it would of been harder t o film and wouldn't have gave our Opening a sufficient look.

The letter we had produced for the scheduled day of filming will be reproduced for the next set days of filming we will plan this will happen when we know when our male leading role is free.